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5 Tips when asked to build a new Capacity Plan/Resource Model

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

5 Tips when asked to build a new Capacity Plan/Resource Model

Do they really want a Capacity Plan?

Often members of a Senior Management Team (SMT), throw around statements about Capacity Plans and Resource Models, ensure first and foremost they truly understand the meaning.

Explain the hard truths There can be several outcomes to a Capacity Plan, but one of them can be the simple fact of significant over or under staffing, make sure this is understood before you start. Your Methodologies You own your Capacity Plan until you do not! don’t let anyone dictate your methods as you will still be accountable and you know better! Workload Unless you work in a very small organisation, you should not be involved in true process mapping and should be given the data you need without significant effort on your part. Try and layout your needs simply in the same format, regardless if in a Contact Centre, Operational or even Corporate environment. Accountability Always remember that is likely your numbers and outputs will be used for financials or business planning, so check your accuracy, create scenarios and always remind the stakeholders that ultimately these are estimations based on other people’s data.

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